Realeyes Farm Permaculture Design – Zones of Use


Zone 1: [.2 acre] Diverse kitchen gardens (Picked every day, planted 4-6times/month, heavily mulched and fertilized), Herb garden/Spiral and Picking Greens, Root Cellar/Ice House, Patio, Dwarf fruit trees (multigraft, espalier), Mother plants, High value/difficult to grow plants, Trellis, Deciduous Vines and Trees, Nursery, Shade house, Greenhouse, Seed storage, parking, Feed store, Tool shed, Washing line, Cisterns, Garden Ponds, EDGE Z1: Compost, Poultry (chickens)

Zone 2: [.75 acre] Includes Parents House, Diverse Food Forest, Main Crop Garden (corn, potatoes, grain, pumpkins, melons, okra, squash, turnips, carbs, storage crops) Woodlot/Coppice firewood, Cut Forage. (Chop n Drop mulch and Groundcover)

Zone 3: [1.5 acres] (rough mulch, big wood sticks etc.) Grazing Pasture, Broad Food Forest blending out, Broad Main Crop (Mass), Farm Forestry Blending in

Zone 4: Farm Forestry (timber, poles, bee forage, animal forage, nuts, mushrooms)

Zone 5: Wilderness/Unmanaged, Forage, Hunt, Firewood, Timber


Thanks BARC for composting food waste on our site, providing us with copious free organic matter and feed for pigs and chickens! Let's keep closing the loops!