Why Bother with Homesteading and Permaculture?

Why go to all this hassle of gardening, planting trees, and creating an entire alternative infrastructure and ecosystem for our food, water, waste, energy, and so on?

Isn’t it easier to just go to the store and hook up to the city utilities?

(If you already “get” the WHY and want to know HOW to Get Started, then head on over here.) 

My permaculture teacher, mentor, and friend, Peter Bane, did a great job explaining why in the first episode of my Permaculture Realized Podcast

Listen in to this clip of Peter Bane, from the episode:

You can listen to the full episode here

Why We Do Permaculture a Call to Action with Peter Bane


Recently I created a video series that explores deeper into the challenges we face and tries to provide enough context to give us an accurate perspective on our current place in history and trajectory.  

Overcoming Obstacles to a Better Future – 2022 Video Series

    1. From Pro Parkour to Pig Farming: A 10 Year Update – The video from the About page, in which I talk about my personal journey.
    2. Mental Parkour: 3 Tools for Mapping Reality – How we come to know things, critical thinking, and being good information citizens. 
    3. The Energy Obstacle: Sizing up Future Trends – Focusing in on energy and resource depletion and it’s implications for modern industrial societies.
    4. Traversing Extinction: Stories of Significance – Looking at macro trends in the loss of biodiversity, mass extinction, and our role. 
    5. Finding Our Balance – Lessons from Past Cultures – Is a truly sustainable society possible? We look to history for examples to learn from.
    6. Levi’s Farm Tour! – Realize Homestead July 2022 – I touch on the “Why” in the beginning, but it’s mostly about the “How.”


Articles Attempting to Give More Global Context and Answer Why

Here is a series of blog posts in which I tried to explain the Why as well:


If you have comments on any of these, please leave them in the specific video or article comments area you want to comment on. If there are factual errors or misunderstandings, then please do comment or send a message to me here. No one’s perfect, but hopefully we’re all trying our best to be honest and accurate here. Thanks! 


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