Permaculture Homesteading with Justin Rhodes - Ep25 Permaculture Realized Podcast

Episode 25, Permaculture Homesteading with Justin Rhodes


Topics Covered:

  • How they got started with farming and chickens
  • Protecting chickens from predators (in the winter)
  • Keep chickens warm using the sun
  • Lazy (but productive!) Gardening with Chickens
  • What is Permaculture (and isn’t)
  • How they used permaculture to make their farm more effortless and cost-effective.
  • How they got started with cattle
  • Profitable grass-fed beef system
  • Their unique house-barn hybrid design



Today’s guest is film producer, author and teacher Justin Rhodes who has been running his 75 acre permaculture farm near Asheville, NC for many years. He’s here to share with us some of the many lessons he’s learned along the way, and give some pointers to those getting started.

I can really relate to Justin’s approach. Basically don’t worry too much about making mistakes. Learn the basics, then just try it out. Learn by doing. And play with it and experiment with it along the way, have fun!
Because it’s not about the destination; having this super self-sufficient homestead where you efficiently produce all your own needs. It’s also about the process of learning and transformation you go through to get there!

Don’t forget to check out Justins blog and their daily homestead videos on youtube under Justin Rhodes. If you’re thinking about getting started with chickens, I highly recommend checking out Justins free videos and his Permaculture Chickens DVD which you can find on his blog.

*Editors note: Steven Hawking was not involved in this episode in any way. 

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