Growing Nutrient Dense Food with Dan Kittredge

Episode 24, Growing Nutrient Dense Food with Dan Kittredge




  • Tropical Fruit Fantasies in Cold Climates
  • What is the Bionutrient food association?
  • Increasing Quality in Food Supply
  • Secondary Metabolites in Food (gives food complex flavor)
  • The Problem with Organic Agriculture
  • Flavor = Nutritive Value
  • Plants Need Help from Microbes and Fungi to access nutrients
  • Fully Nutrient dense > Pest and Disease Resistant plants/crops
  • How to test for nutrient density in food
  • Dollar voting for healthier agro-ecosystems
  • Problem with Conventional Agriculture
  • Good Agricultural Practices
  • Tillage as Genocide
  • Seed/Soil Innoculation
  • Mineral Ammendments
  • Soil Moisture and Aeration
  • Healthy Soil and Plant = Less Work!
  • Biochemical effects of Nutrient Dense Food on our Bodies
  • Nutrient Dense Food as Medicine
  • Affects of healthy soil on Heathcare and economy
  • Nutrition and Consciousness
  • Rough guidelines for Soil Ammendments
  • Tuning in to Nature

Today’s guest, Dan Kittredge has been an organic farmer since childhood, and has been developing a deep understanding of how a nutrient rich soil leads to healthier plants and healthier foods and ultimately healthier people and planet. He created the Bionutrient Food Association to promote this understanding of growing nutrient dense food. He also runs Kittredge farm in Brookfield, MA where he does his research and practices the science.

I had a lot of fun chatting with, and learning from Dan. It’s quite clear that he has a high level of biochemical understanding. I’m looking forward to learning more from him at the upcoming workshop on May 21st and 22nd here in Northern Michigan.

TO REGISTER for the 2-day, plus evening BFA workshop with Dan Kittredge, contact: or visit

Some of what Dan was talking about resonates with a passage from the book I’ve been reading; The Practice of the Wild by Gary Snyder. Snyder is a renowned author and poet who still walks the earth today at 85 years of age.

Thanks for listening today, to the Permaculture Realized Podcast.