Creating an Abundant Permaculture Group - Jesse Tack Podcast

Episode 21, Creating an Abundant Permaculture Group with Jesse Tack


Topics Covered:

  • SPIN Farming
  • Jesse’s music lessons
  • Transitioning to farming as full-time job
  • Dawn Farm – Food Forest Regenerative Businesses
  • Agroforestry Oak-Savanna Model
  • AMPY – Abundant Michigan Permaculture Ypsilanti
  • Creating an Action Oriented Permaculture Group / Community
  • Abundant Future, not just Survival

Today’s guest is Jesse Tack based out of Ypsilanti, Michigan. Jesse founded and helps run the very active permaculture group; Abundant Michigan Permaculture Ypsilanti. Or AMPY for short. We get to hear about how AMPY got started and has evolved since then. Jesse also talks about his recent SPIN farming project. SPIN stands for small-plot intensive, and is a model for turning urban or suburban lawns and yards into a productive and profitable organic veggie production farm. That and more coming right up, stay tuned…

*Sorry for the background noise. We were trying to record it in a different way than usual. I’m working on improving the audio quality. 

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