Permaculture Realized Podcast Episode 11, Regenerative Agriculture with Paul and Sharron May of The May Farm

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Episode 11, Regenerative Agriculture with Paul and Sharron May of The May Farm, 



Today’s guests, Paul and Sharron May, run a small farm called The May Farm in Frankfort, MI near us here in the northern part of the Lower Peninsula. They apply a permaculture approach to their homestead, and farm, and have been seeing some spectacular results.

It sounds like Paul and Sharron make a great team, and both of them leverage their unique strengths which help make the whole operation run.

For them, the ultimate measure of success isn’t a big profit, or widespread publicity. It all comes down to the quality of everyday life for the family, and this they have created much of.

Maybe if we could reorient our politics and economics to aim for such holistic end goals, we as a society would be in a much better place.

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That’s a wrap for this episode of the Permaculture Realized Podcast. Hope you get to enjoy some quality time with your family over the holidays. See you next time.

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