Over the last few years we’ve been collecting unique and useful perennial plant species from all over the world. (except invasive species) Some we get from friends with farms and gardens, some are responsibly transplanted from the wild, and some we order from nurseries like Oikos Tree Crops.

Here’s a decently thorough list so far: (zone 5b) Black willow, Chinese Chestnut, European Hazelnut, American Filbert, Heartnut, Red and White Oak, Hickory nut, Hardy pecan, Persimmon, pawpaw, korean nut pine, apricots, plums, quince, sand cherry, nanking cherry, kousa dogwood, elderberry, buffaloberry, currants, gooseberry, jostaberry, black locust, blueberry, comfrey, lemon balm, catmint, chives, bunching onion, sea kale, skirret, lovage, calendula, Illinois bundle flower, leadplant, mountain mint, bee balm, echinacea, columbine, strawberry, wild ginger, rhubarb, asparagus, sunchokes, leeks/wild ramps, highbush cranberry, sweetfern, new jersey tea, honeyberry, blue bean, northern bayberry, mulberry, asian pear, heirloom apple, serviceberry/saskatoon, lingonberry, siberian pea shrub, cornelian cherry, raspberry, blackberry, black raspberry, yarrow, anise hyssop, good king henry, false indigo, daylilies, hardy kiwi.

Check out our desired species list here.