Interesting Tidbits Relating to Mental Health & the Brain

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  • Children with ADD have been found to be deficient in DHA (a fatty acid critical for healthy brain cell membranes).
  • It is important to get good quality fish oil with DHA that is not rancid. Good quality fish oils should be batch tested and are a little pricier. One rancid, refined fish oil capsule can have the equivalent of one pack of cigarettes in free radicals!
  • “In 1985, the total annual sales for all antidepressants in the United States were approximately $240 million. Today, it is in excess of $12 billion” – From “Primal Body, Primal Mind” by Nora Gedgaudas, CNS, CNT
  • Exercise can raise serotonin levels. Even short moderate workouts help.
  • I like to go on walks around the neighborhood!
  • Did you get your beauty rest last night? Sleep allows the brain to consolidate memories.
  • “An Unbalanced Perspective – Depression occurs when neurotransmitters are out of balance in many regions of the brain” – National Geographic
  • Myelin is a substance rich in lipids (fatty substances) and proteins that forms layers around the nerve fibers and acts as insulation. –
    • Yet another reason why it is important to incorporate good quality fats and proteins into your diet from grass fed animals. I love grass fed butter!
  • “The vast majority of drugs – more than 90% – only work in 30 to 50 percent of the people” – Dr. Allen Roses, international vice president of Glaxo-SmithKline (a major drug manufacturer) during an interview with “The Independent” newspaper in London, England.
  • Sadly, about 10 to 15 percent of adults have chronic insomnia.
    • I hope you slept well last night.
  • Try to get a minimum of seven to eight hours of sleep! Did you know that sleep deprivation can lead to hormonal dysregulation?
  • “Aluminium damages cells by binding to phosphate molecules in the cell’s DNA and RNA, altering the memory code.” – Stephen Barrie, ND.

 Are you tired of being tired?

  • Ready to be happier & lighter again?
  • Do you want to handle everyday stressers better?
  • How about not freaking out around your cycle?
  • Would you like to soothe your child’s moods?
  • Would you like to have knowledgeable guides to walk you through the steps?

It is very sad for me to know that so many people with mood issues are very quickly thrown pharmaceutical, psychotropic drugs at them. These drugs can be very addicting and also cause many side effects. They should not be taken so lightly… I am happy to get the word out that there are other natural alternatives to consider before throwing in the towel.

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