Infused Oil To Help With Eczema

by | Jun 22, 2013 | Blog, Herbs, Homemade Beauty Products/Toiletries | 0 comments

I just made a soothing infused oil to use on my face. I suffer from eczema. Most people do not realize this, but eczema, like many other skin conditions, is usually a reflection of your digestive and immune systems. So yes, I am in the process of healing my gut and strengthening my immune system. During this long process though, I decided that I would also try some topical things to help with my eczema. 


As many of you already probably know, whatever we put onto our skin goes into our bloodstream. Have you heard of the nicotine patch or the birth control patch? How about hormone creams and other topical medicines? All of those work because they go through your skin and into your bloodstream. It is very important to consider what you are putting onto your skin. Do you know all of the ingredients in your lotions, face washes, deodorant, make up, shaving cream, shampoo, conditioner, etc.? All of those products can be absorbed through your skin and into your bloodstream.

I try to only apply things that I would be comfortable eating on my skin. Many of our skin conditions like acne, eczema,  and psoriasis do stem from inner issues with digestion and immunity but they can be worsened with all the chemicals in our topical products. 

I did some research and decided to make an infused oil to use as my “face wash”  as I practice the oil cleansing method. I also will sometimes use this oil as my moisturizer especially on my eczema spots. 

To make the infused oil:

I put about a cup of cold pressed, unrefined, extra virgin olive oil into my tiny crock pot. (I got mine at the local thrift store for $3.00) I heated the oil without the lid to prevent the it from getting too hot.  

Then I added a few teaspoons of each of the following herbs:

Calendula: helps dry, damaged skin, inflammation, rashes, and other skin disorders

Chickweed: helps with psoriasis, eczema, minor burns, rashes, and other skin conditions/irritations

Cleavers: calm inflammatory skin conditions including eczema and acne

Lavender: has healing properties beneficial for wounds and numerous skin conditions, it is calming and soothing 

Next, I allowed the oil  and herbs to infuse for 3-6 hours between 100-140 degrees F. Do not allow the oil to get higher than 140 degrees F as the infusion will lose it’s medicinal properties. 

Finally, I separated the oil from the herbs. I poured the herb and oil mixture onto a dish towel that I laid over a strainer that I place over a bowl. After pouring out all the oil, I picked up the dishcloth and made it into a sack and made sure to squeeze out any remaining oil. I composted the herbs and then transferred the infused oil into an opaque container (UV light and heat during damage the medicinal properties of the infused oil). I labeled the container with the names of all the herbs used, the type of oil used, and the date it was made. 


Thanks BARC for composting food waste on our site, providing us with copious free organic matter and feed for pigs and chickens! Let's keep closing the loops!