Our chickens (and Guinea fowl) are raised on pasture where they forage the living bugs and plants for much of their diet. We also pick up food waste from the local organic food Co-op, Oryana, and divert it from the landfill by feeding it to the chickens. 


This combination of pasture forage, and food scraps provides around 95% of their diet. We supplement very little with a locally milled, non-GMO (and corn/soy free) grain feed.  This method allows us to almost completely remove grain from their diets. We believe that this is one of the most environmentally responsible, and holistically healthy ways to raise livestock. 

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Animals as Allies in Ecosystem Restoration

Another critique of the meat industry is that sometimes healthy forest or prairie ecosystems are turned into animal pasture. (around 62% of the deforested land in Brazil is now cattle pasture) This radically reduces the ecosystem services these lands provide like air-quality, water-quality, soil-building, and CO2 storage.

In our case, our pastures were already damaged and depleted farmland, and we’re using rotational grazing methods that actually increase the health of the soil, and increase biodiversity over time. In addition, we’re in the process of planting out a diversity of trees in our pastures which will not only provide shade for our animals, but also produce nuts, fruits, berries and fodder for our livestock and us, WHILE sequestering more Carbon Dioxide out of the atmosphere. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN system! (Hence the name “Full-circle”)


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2. We come to an agreement, and you come out to the farm to pick up your goods!
(We’re 5 miles North of Traverse City, MI)



 Provide yourself and your family with nutritious, ethically raised eggs from our local small farm. 

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