portable pig penThis is one of our pig tractors at Realeyes Homestead. We built them out of salvaged lumber and pallets, on cedar skids so that we can drag them all around the pasture. This keeps the pigs healthy and happy because they always have fresh ground to root up and forage in, and it keeps them away from their feces accumulation. This helps to break the parasite cycle. Plus it’s really easy and quick to do the move, but it does require burning a little fossil energy (unless you got horses!) to pull them with a truck or tractor because they’re much to heavy to move by hand.

We tried building one that could be moved by hand, but we sacrificed strength and the boar ended up escaping and taking a stroll down to the lake for a dip and a nap. Plus it was STILL backbreaking to move it by hand. So we’re gonna stick with these heavier duty tractors pulled by machine.

See our portable pig pen in action in the video below! :D