Choosing the Best Homestead Property with Ben Falk

Episode 26, Choosing the Best Homestead Property with Ben Falk



  • Setting Goals
  • Analyzing the clients needs, strengths, resources etc
  • Determining geographic region
  • Access? Water? Slope? Soil? Existing wildlife/forest? Existing infrastructure (house, barn utilities)?
  • Better to have infrastructure/improvements already done on site, or blank slate?
  • Scale of Permanence
  • Choosing a house and house location
  • Type 1 errors to avoid
  • What types of watershed features to look for on a site
  • Looking and surrounding properties and people
  • Meet the neighbors before buying property!
  • Drink the water on site!
  • Look at at least 10 sites

Today’s guest is Ben Falk who created and runs Whole Systems Design out of Vermont, and is also the author of the book The Resilient Farm and Homestead. Today we discuss how to go about finding the right homestead property for natural living and some of key decisions like siting your house.
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