non-profit permaculture with robyn mello

Episode 22, How to do Non-Profit Permaculture with Robyn Mello



  • The Philadelphia Orchard Project non-profit (POP)
  • Urban Perennial Agriculture
  • Public Permaculture Orchards/Forest Gardens
  • Partner Relationships
  • Issues that urban agriculture non-profit permaculture organizations face
  • What is Social Permaculture?
  • Ecological diversity and Social diversity
  • Trendy Urban Ag Race Issues
  • Soil Generation Coalition
  • Multi-racial, and generational representation
  • Mission-Creep
  • Observe and Interact
  • How Robyn got into Permaculture
  • Her West Africa Work
  • Global Non-Profits same as giant multi-national corporations
  • A Day in the Life


  • Keep it small
  • Value and nurture your partnerships

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Today’s guest is Robyn Mello. I met Robyn in November at the Advanced Permaculture Course I took in Akron, OH. I got to learn all about the non-profit she works for, the Philadelphia Orchard Project. They’re putting in public orchard and forest gardens all around Philadelphia. Robin has learned a ton about what it takes to run a successful urban agriculture focused non-profit permaculture organization so that’s the theme of today’s interview. Check it out…

If you even get a chance to hear Robyn sing, she’s also a wonderful singer. After the Akron course was over, before we all traveled back to our hometowns we had a celebratory gathering which included an impromptu jam session. It was really incredible to me to hear all these folks who never played music together once, create such beautiful and powerful music! It was a real special memory that will stick with me for a long time.

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Stay tuned to this podcast as well. We got a lot more good stuff on the way, on the Permaculture Realized Podcast. Take care.