Tiny Home 1.0 – 25ft with loft


  • Availability: Starting May 1st 2024, one year lease ideally
  • Rent: Sliding Scale, let’s talk
  • Site/Location: This tiny home is permanently located on the Realize Homestead property at 9789 E. Cherry Bend Rd. Traverse City, MI 49684
  • Dimensions: 10ft x 25ft (Loft: 10ft)
  • Built: ~2015
  • Included: Wood stove, Ventless Propane Heater Backup, Mini fridge, Mini stove, Ladder, Loft, Blinds, Kitchen Table and chairs, 10gal Water Heater, Window AC unit, Porch, Compost Toilet, Sinks, Shower

Site Intro:

Realize Homestead is a 10 acre property located about 10min drive away from downtown Traverse City, Michigan. There’s also a paved bike trail that runs next to the property, which you can use to get to town in 20min or less. That trail is plowed in winter too. 

The property is mostly flat, about half-wooded, and borders on Cedar Lake on the east side, which is lovely for swimming during the warm season!


There are two tiny homes on site, one is Levi’s, the owner, and the other is this one for rent. During the warm season, there’s also a WWOOFer who lives here in a trailer, with two dogs. The private dirt driveway to get to the site is shared by various relatives of Levi’s and it’s important to drive slowly (under 10MPH) on this shared driveway. There are also others who visit the site regularly to work on the gardens and other projects. 

Homestead Activities:

We do a fair amount of casual homesteading/regenerative farming here and besides taking care of your own house duties (firewood work, emptying compost toilet, etc) you’re welcome to join in the fun and feast! There are several garden beds near the house, and in the main garden that you can choose to use. We also usually have chickens and pigs on site, and you’re always welcome to raise your own livestock. In general the infrastructure here is underutilized so there’s a lot of potential productive capacity if you’re interested. There are also occasional opportunities for work-trade to cover part of the rent by helping with farm projects. If you have any more questions, just ask!


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