NOW is the time to stock your freezer with a long-term supply of pasture raised, non-GMO fed, nitrate-free, heritage breed pork! Our little piglets are almost all grown up, and we’re ready to start taking deposits to reserve your half or whole hog for this spring. Simply call or email us for more information. There’s been some press lately about how the meat industry is environmentally damaging, and that we should all reduce our meat intake. Based on my own research, those are both likely true. But producing meat doesn’t HAVE to be an environmental harm. One of the main critiques is that grain crops must be grown first, to be fed to livestock. This grain comes from massive fields that require lots of water, various chemical treatments, and deplete the soil over time. In our case, instead of depending on grain agriculture to feed our animals, we make use of a waste stream; expired produce from grocery stores, and divert it away from the landfill by using it to feed our pigs (and chickens). The small amount of grain they do get (less than 10% of their diet) is a locally milled, non-GMO mix that is corn and soy free. 

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Another critique of the meat industry is that often times, healthy forest or prairie ecosystems are turned into animal pasture, which degrades the land. In our case, our pastures were already damaged and depleted farmland, and we’re using rotational grazing methods that actually increase the health of the soil, and increase biodiversity over time.

These heritage breeds are renowned for their lard and bacon, and you can’t get it healthier than this! In all animals, toxins get stored in our fat, so it’s smart to avoid the fat in conventional meats. But our pigs are never exposed to any antibiotics or other pollutants so their fat is actually very good for our bodies and brains. Cholesterol is the precursor to all of the steroid hormones in our body, including our sex hormones. Cholesterol can only be found in animal fats. Fat is also a great long-term energy source for the body. Our pigs fat can be rendered into lard for cooking and baking, or ground with the meat into sausage. 

For a half-pig you can expect roughly the following;

  • 8 lbs. Bacon
  • 15 lbs. Hams
  • 10 lbs. Picnic Shoulder Roasts or add to Grind/Sausage
  • 5 lbs. Stew Bones
  • 3 lbs. Ribs
  • 4 lbs. Butt Roasts, or Steaks or add to Grind/Sausage
  • 9 lbs. Ground Pork or Sausage/Brats
  • 8 lbs. Fat Trim
  • 13 lbs. Pork Chops ( about 23 chops)

How Does it Work?

Step 1: We ask for a $100 deposit to reserve your whole or half hog while it finishes growing to weight.

Step 2: We will contact you when it’s ready to be processed. At that time we will get the details of how you want it processed. We get our pigs processed at RRR Meat Processing, which is a USDA certified facility in Buckley, MI. All the meat will be processed to your liking, and frozen. 

Step 3: Once the meat is fully processed and ready at RRR, we ask for the rest of the total payment for the pork. You can send a check made out to Realeyes Homestead LLC, or give us cash in person. 

Step 4: You can go pickup your pork at RRR. There will be no need for you to pay them, as we have bundled their fees into our costs to keep things simple for you. If you want, we would be happy to deliver the meat straight to you for a fee. Just ask!


*You only pay for the meat you get. NOT the hanging weight. So you’re not paying for the skin, bones etc. just the edible, mostly boned meat. For example, a typical half-hog would be about 70lbs of meat. For basic processing, that would total $297.50.

$3.75/lb Restaurant Cuts – Whole hog cut into 6 large pieces. (halves available too) USDA certified and delivered to you.

$4.25/lb. Basic Processing – Basic cuts of meat, in 1-3 lbs. sealed packages or as you prefer (no smoked, no spiced, no sausage/brat casings)

$5.00/lb. Complete Processing – Basic cuts to your preference, plus cured and smoked hams and bacon, spiced and packaged sausage or brats, all in 1-3 lb. packages or as you prefer.   

Talk to us today to reserve your whole or half pig!

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 Provide yourself and your family with nutritious, ethically raised pork from our local small farm. 

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  Thank you so much for your patronage. Please let us know if there’s any other concerns or questions you have. And feel free to come visit our farm and see how we do things.