Permaculture in Michigan – Farms, Centers, Events, and Individuals of the Michigan Permaculture Community

When I first discovered permaculture back in 2011 I had no idea that there was already a thriving community of quiet revolutionaries in my home state of Michigan. The michigan permaculture scene has blossomed in just these last few years spawning it’s own annual Michigan Permaculture Convergence as well as many education sites, farms, homesteads, and more. (Are we missing someone? Let us know!)

Permaculture has a tendency to umbrella all things within it; natural building, sustainable design, renewable energy, local organic farms, etc all working toward the same goals. I tried to focus on groups that explicitly use the label “Permaculture” for what they do, so just keep in mind it’s not an exclusive list!


Northern Michigan (Lower Peninsula) Groups and People (Click here to view details

For more lists of organizations in the southeast and other areas of Michigan and the Great Lakes bio-region we use the Great Lakes Permaculture Portal



Thanks BARC for composting food waste on our site, providing us with copious free organic matter and feed for pigs and chickens! Let's keep closing the loops!