Full Circle Pasture Raised Turkey, Heritage Breed, Non-GMO

Whole, Frozen, Smoked Turkey


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We are raising turkeys in the most holistic, healthy, natural way we can for you and your family.

We’re a small farm that raises small batches of livestock, so that we can ensure it’s done with care and quality. But that also means our supplies are limited and will run out early each season, so contact us soon to reserve yours!

Our Turkeys are heritage breeds, raised on pasture where they forage the living bugs and plants for much of their diet. We also recycle food scraps from the local Co-op and farm-to-table restaurants by creating a compost pile in their pen. The Turkeys eat the nutritious food scraps as well as the bugs and biota that the compost pile generates.

This combination of pasture forage, and compost pile provides around 95% of their diet. We supplement very little with a locally milled, non-GMO (and corn/soy free) grain feed.  This method allows us to almost completely remove grain from their diets. We believe that this is one of the most environmentally responsible, and holistically healthy ways to raise livestock. Instead of depending on large-scale grain agriculture to feed our animals, we make use of a waste stream; expired produce from grocery stores and restaurants, and divert it away from the landfill by using it to feed our pigs (and poultry).

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Animals as Allies in Ecosystem Restoration

Another critique of the meat industry is that sometimes healthy forest or prairie ecosystems are turned into animal pasture. (around 62% of the deforested land in Brazil is now cattle pasture) This radically reduces the ecosystem services these lands provide like air-quality, water-quality, soil-building, and CO2 storage.

In our case, our pastures were already damaged and depleted farmland, and we’re using rotational grazing methods that actually increase the health of the soil, and increase biodiversity over time. In addition, we’re in the process of planting out a diversity of trees in our pastures which will not only provide shade for our animals, but also produce nuts, fruits, berries and fodder for our livestock and us, WHILE sequestering more Carbon Dioxide out of the atmosphere. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN system!

And You can play a critical role as our customers, to make this ecological restoration process economically viable! (Hence the name “Full-circle”)


A Delicious Tradition

My dad is a lifelong outdoors-man and loves to hunt and fish. One of his favorite ways to cook fish is to smoke it in his smoker with apple wood chips. One Thanksgiving a couple years ago we had the idea of using his smoker to smoke our whole Thanksgiving Turkey! The flavor of that smoked turkey was unlike anything we’d ever had from the store! Ever since then it’s become a family tradition to smoke our Thanksgiving turkey. 

We wanted to share this delicious tradition with you all, so we are offering fully smoked turkeys this year!

(And you’re not limited to just Thanksgiving either, enjoy it anytime!) The turkeys will be ready in time for Thanksgiving, and they will be whole, full-cooked, frozen in a vacuum sealed bag. All you have to do is thaw it and heat it up. So it’s also easier than spending hours cooking the turkey yourself, praying that it will turn out good.

One of the best bonuses of the smoked turkey is that after you’ve eaten all the meat, you can throw the bones into a pot with water and make the most amazing smokey turkey soup broth. I’m not just making this up to sell it. It’s really that amazing tasting.

The fully smoked turkeys are $7/lb and range between 12-20lbs. If you request a certain size turkey, we will do our best to accommodate you. Uncooked, whole frozen turkeys are also available by request.

 Provide yourself and your family with nutritious, ethically raised Turkey from our local small farm. 

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